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Italian Single Harpsichord
Designed by Thomas Ciul

This is a small Italian style harpsichord inspired by an original instrument in the Sterns Collection of the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. This harpsichord is ideal as a continuo instrument. It has a wonderfully clear, clean, bright sound that carries well in an ensemble. Small size and low weight make it highly portable. It is in the False Inner/Outer style, that is, there appears to be a cypress instrument inside a painted case with lid. Of course, this instrument is perfect for the earlier harpsichord repertoire.

Being single strung makes less tension on the soundboard helping to create a rich tone. Brass stringing makes a sweet and warm voice.


Single Manual

Designed and built by Thomas Ciul after an anonymous original in the Sterns Collection, University of Michigan

Price: $11,000 USD

option for 2x8' $13,000 USD

Rental Fee for Professional performance: $500 USD
Local Transportation and 2 tunings included

Tom Ciul 1811 Richman Rd. Smiths Creek, MI 48074 USA (810) 367-6865
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updated July 16, 2008

July 16, 2008