Thomas Ciul Harpsichords and FortePianos

Harpsichords, Spinets, Virginals, Clavichords and Fortepianos

Custom Instruments Designed by Thomas Ciul

Italian Single 8', buff; false inner/outer, C to d''', transposes

$11,000 USD


SOLD! But I can make another.

Flemish Single

8', 4', buff, GG to d'''; elaborately decorated with turned faux-marble stand, Flemish papers

from $16,000 to $21,000

Clavichord after Tosi

faux marbled case

$6,000 USD

SOLD! but I can make another.


(a Prell-mekanic action in a clavichord)

$6,000 USD

Clavichord"The Urbino Intarsia"
A Clavichord designed from a wood inlay depiction in the Palace of the Duke of Urbino, Italy
A simple and charming clavichord designed and built by Thomas Ciul
C/E to d''' (modified from original) version available
$4,200 USD

SOLD! But I can make another.

Clavicitherium (1490

- a vertical harpsichord

$8,500 USD

Flemish Quint

after Ruckers 1627, Faux marble, Flemish papers, turned stand
1x8', 1x4' at Quint pitch (plays 1/5th higher than A 415)
Thomas Ciul, designer and builder

$9,000 USD

SOLD! but I can make another.

  Flemish Quint Virginal (after 1620 Ruckers) $6,500
  Flemish Muselaar $10,000

Pentagonal Italian Spinet at quint pitch

$6,500 USD

Italian Octavino Spinet after Francesco Vanini (ca 1672)

a ton o' fun in a tiny package, just $2,750 USD

(click for larger photo)


A Triangular Spinet

C to d''', 51 notes


Spinet after Zenti (1637) SOLD! but I can make another.

45 notes C/E to c''', "inner" construction, basswood case

$7,500 USD outer case with stand available for$1,500 additional

Recumbent Harp Fortepiano

with a Prell-mekanic action (Mozart had one) after an instrument in the Metropolitan Museum Coll., New York NY
Designed and Built by Thomas Ciul

$16,000 USD


German Single

2x8', buff, strung in brass, painted case (ZHI)

56+2 (double transposer) GG to d'''

$14,000 USD

SOLD! but I can make another.

North German Double-Manual Haprsichord

2x8', 1x4', buff

$30,000 USD


A small harpsichord-like instrument strung in nylon guitar strings (unlike gut strings, nylon strings do not need to be retuned every time the sun goes behind a cloud; and the cost of nylon is 10% of the price of gut) Nylo-Gut is available too (but more expensive).

$9,000 USD (1x8')

$11,000 USD (2x8')

other options available

and many small curious things...

such as...  

Baroque guitar,

5 course (anonymous French c. 1680)

from $2,500 (flat back) to

$4,000 (curved back)

Some unusual services...

A Cristofori-style piano action can be installed in a harpsichord case (common practice in the 18th century) e.g. A Silberman/German or a
Bas/French. Also a guitar/lautenwerk conversion is possible with small harpsichords. Sperhakke, Burton, Sassman, Z-box etc

Tom Ciul 1811 Richman Rd. Smiths Creek, MI 48074 USA (810) 367-6865
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updated July 28, 2008