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Flemish Single Harpsichord

built by Thomas Ciul


Flemish Single
Disposition: 1x8' and 1x4', with a buff (registers and buff through the cheek, Ruckers style)
Range: GG to d''' (56 notes) tuning can be at A 415 or A 440
Keyboard: Ebony naturals, bone-slipped sharps, pear arcades
Soundboard: Alaskan sitka spruce, painted in the Flemish style
Strings: Strung in: red brass, yellow brass, and soft iron Zuckermann wire
Action: Voiced in Celcon (8') and Delrin (4') plectra in Zuckermann plastic jacks
Decoration: Full traditional Flemish style: green faux marble case between dark borders highlighted with light & shadow strike bands. The lid is done in "Skull" papers inside with a "bright" stripe (natural woodgrain) and arabesques. The keywell has reverse "Seahorse" papers and white Florentine faux marble trim. Soundboard is painted with wildflowers, birds, bugs and arabesques
Stand: Turned legs in a framework, painted black faux marble (after a 17th century Flemish woodcut)
Weight: approx. 120 lbs., stand approx. 40 lbs.
Dimensions: 88" long x 34" wide x 10.5" high


This one has been sold, but I can make another just like it or as requested.

The lid may be supported by a prop stick, or it may open outwards, held by a cord.
The fallboard may be detached or hinged in place.
Note: Latin mottos, chosen by the new owner, may be added to lid and flap

Designed by: David Jacques Way, Zuckermann Harpsichords Int.
Professionally built by: Thomas E. Ciul 1991
Decoration and Stand by Thomas Ciul


As described:

Price: $21,000 US plus applicable taxes & shipping

Basic 2x8' or 1x8'+1x4', painted , simple stand

Price: $16,000 US plus applicable taxes & shipping

This is a truly beautiful instrument. It must be seen first hand to appreciate the care lavished on the decoration. People are constantly reaching out to touch the stand to see if it is real marble. The instrument is full-voiced and has a fine Flemish sound, bigger than an Italian and brighter than a French Double. The registers operate in the traditional Ruckers fashion, by working them through the cheek. Many international artists have played this instrument and praised both its sound and its decoration. The keyboard, GG to d''' will accommodate all Bach's keyboard music (with a unique exception - the "beginners" prelude in D, BWV 936, measure 46. The single note of Bach's keyboard music that calls for e''').

This Flemish single has appeared in the television series, "F/X". We had a wonderful time at the filming which was in the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. We were there for 12 hours with a large cast and some exciting special effects. The director and set designer were so pleased with the instrument that they shot 6 scenes around it. The photo shows the instrument on the set (ROM 3rd floor, European Collection).



updated July 16, 2008